Our high performance insulated beads lock tightly in a honey comb matrix with a water based adhesive. Quick, easy and Clean installation. 

The bead fills the cavity full as it is pumped into the space it moves in around uneven or awkward spaces making sure every inch is filled. The process is very simple, drill it, fill it and seal it. Kingspan Ecobead can be used if you are retrofitting your home and are one of the measures offered with the SEAI Grants Scheme.

Kingspan Ecobead Platinum had a thermal conductivity of 0.033W/m.k. As air is the insulating gas within the bead, it is guaranteed to sustain its thermal performance over the life time of your home. It is simple to install and will not contribute to site waste.

How is it installed?

We install Kingspan Ecobead as a unique pumped insulation procss. The process has been to ensure our bead insulation is installed quickly and easily into your home with the minimal disturbance to you and your family.

  1. The McGoldrick Insulation team will arrive at your home to conduct a site survey to ensure your property is suitable for this type of installation and answer any question you may have at this time.
  2. The McGoldrick Insulation team will arrive at your home fully equipped, they will drill a series of 22mm holes through the exterior wall of your home.
  3. We will fill the cavity of your walls with the bead. Our team will make sure the cavity has been entirely filled with the wall insulation.
  4. The team will then proceed to seal all the holes which had been drilled being careful to match the render colour as closely as possible to your existing render.

The McGoldrick Insulation work all over the island of Ireland on retrofit and new build projects. The SEAI offer a grant of up to €300 for cavity wall insulation.